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Nimans division rebrand goes ‘beyond connectivity’

Jasper Hart
September 18, 2019

No plans to move office or add to staff

Nimans’ network services division has rebranded as Beyond Connectivity in an attempt to fuel further growth in the sector.

The rebrand has been considered for the past 12 to 14 months, according to Beyond Connectivity’s head of sales (previously Nimans head of sales for network services) Graham Wilkinson (pictured).

The move will see Beyond Connectivity become a separate company under parent Nycomm, but it has no plans to move into new office space, remaining in Julian Niman House in Manchester. The subsidiary launched its own website on September 11.

“The network side of the business has reached the point where it can stand on its own two feet,” said Wilkinson. “It was always in the background of what Nimans does, whereas now we can say ‘Beyond does network connectivity as part of the Nycomm group’. The rebrand will help us raise awareness to attract new customers, and provide a competitive edge through better brand positioning.”

Wilkinson did not say whether Beyond Connectivity had new financial targets, but earlier in the year Nimans said its network services division enjoyed “a record period of growth” in 2018.

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