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Nimans becomes Alcatel DECT 312 telephone system distributor

Alex Yau
September 7, 2015

The distributor is stocking the wireless telephone system for a trade price of £299

Nimans has become a distributor of the Alcatel DECT 312 multi-line wireless telephone system.

The distributor says the system is suited for small businesses, restaurants and hotels. It comes with three phones that have an LCD display, caller ID, an internal phonebook, a speakerphone, call transfer and intercom system. The trade price of the device is £299.

Nimans head of Conferencing and Telephony Sales Ian Brindle said: “As this system is DECT GAP compatible you can add up to nine additional DECT handsets of almost any kind. Resellers also have the option of plugging in a traditional DECT corded desktop phone if desired. The multi-line flexibility and expandability make it perfect for small businesses, restaurants and hotels.”

DECT GAP (generic access protocol) is a technical term used to describe any phone able to pair with a base unit connected to a business’ phone line. For example, the Alcatel DECT 312 system includes a base unit designed to connect to a business’ phone line. Any DECT GAP compatible phone can pair with this base unit to make and receive calls on the business’ phone line. In the case of the Alcatel DECT 312 system, up to 12 DECT GAP phones can be connected at once. Businesses can add wired telephones alongside cordless ones.

Brindle said: “This is one of few products that mixes both an analogue telephone system and DECT GAP cordless telephone handsets, allowing resellers to set up a multiline handset network quickly and very easily.”

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