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Neos Network announces new Managed Dedicated Internet Access

Cynera Rodricks
October 17, 2022

Neos Networks’ new Managed Dedicated Internet Access is said to provide improved visibility to feed insights and analytics, support network maintenance and assure continuous high service availability

UK based fibre connectivity supplier Neos Networks has launched its Managed variant of its Dedicated Internet Access (Managed DIA) service, for businesses to achieve end-to end connectivity.

To provide more flexibility and to match corporate connectivity needs, Neos Networks Managed DIA utilises the most up-to-date hardware and can extend bandwidth from 10Mbps to 1Gbps.

Neos also claims that users can connect to the Managed DIA, using either an Ethernet fibre or FTTP/C connection.

Neos Networks also aims to delve deeper into its customer’s environment by placing devices at each end of the line, allowing customers to monitor connectivity pro-actively, improving visibility to feed insights, and giving analytics to support network maintenance, assurance, and ongoing high service availability.

Additionally, it effortlessly connects with Neos Networks’ Cloud Connect feature, offering safe connectivity to numerous Cloud Service Providers.

Mark Charlesworth, Director of Product, at Neos Networks said: “The flexibility in our service model will strengthen what we and our channel partners can offer, allowing customers to pick and choose elements of the Managed DIA service based on what is relevant to their business.

We will be able to strengthen relationships with customers that want a fully wrapped monitored solution, taking away the management headaches that occur when needing to manage and mature the hardware at either end of a traditional DIA connection.”

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