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Majority of smartphone users unhappy and ready to switch provider

Paul Withers
April 4, 2016

Accenture research reveals security and privacy are a major concern, while just 13 per cent plan to increase spending on mobile and IT devices

More than half of smartphone users are unhappy with the service they receive and are willing to switch providers.

This is according a new report from global professional services company Accenture, which conducted a survey online of 28,000 consumers in 28 countries, including the UK.

It found that while smartphone ownership has more than trebled to 80 per cent since 2012, 60 per cent are dissatisfied with their connectivity and experience and would switch providers.

Sixty-two per cent are worried with the security of financial transactions, 47 per cent are concerned about privacy and security and 83 per cent are unhappy with mobile advertising interfering with their experience.

Increased spending slump

The report also revealed the percentage of consumers who plan to increase spending on smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs in the next 12 months has dropped by 60 per cent since 2014, from 33 per cent to 13 per cent.

Additionally, nearly three quarters (71 per cent) of smartphone users said they would pay more to a provider for better connectivity, while 83 per cent said they would buy more products and services if reliability and the speed with which problems are resolved were improved.

Marco Vernocchi, global digital lead of Accenture’s Communications, Media and Technology operating group said: “Mixed data on consumer satisfaction coupled with flat growth in smart devices could be seen as a threat, but forward-looking providers will see an opportunity as consumers’ digital appetite has never been greater.

“The key is delivering new, high-quality, multi-device and multi-channel experiences that meet the consumer’s expectations immediately. This requires smart, user-centric design that is guided by consumer insights gained through integrated analytics and supported with the connectivity, security and privacy consumers expect.”

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