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Mirka gains new growth with Remint screen scratch repair solution

Megan Robinson
November 9, 2022

The Milton Keynes based firm offers a range of abrasives, polishers, accessories and tools

Industrial equipment supplier and manufacturer, Mirka, has seen a new growth in its polishing compound- Remint.

Remint was launched in 2020, but has seen new popularity within the smartphone refurbishment market and is said to offer a quick, cost-effective way to rid screens of scratches.

The Mirka Remint phone screen scratch repair service provides new life to a smart device with a scratch ed screen as it restores gloss on chemically hardened glass and works for factory refurbishment of devices as well as screen repair shops.

The sanding process is said to cause a smooth surface and removal of scratches with the ability to polish the glass to be as good as new.

Chris Book, Business Sector Manager Transport & Industry, Mirka UK, said: “The Remint process is easy to learn and adopt, providing a safe, sustainable and low-cost solution suitable for mobile phones, tablets and smartwatches.

“It can provide a real opportunity for the professional smartphone refurbishing market and sales of used devices.”

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