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Maintel hits heights by doubling revenue to more than £100m

Alex Yau
March 28, 2017

The growth was underpinned by the multi-million pound acquisition of Azzuri

Maintel claims it is now one of the UK’s leading B2B airtime dealers after seeing its annual revenue grow last year by more than double to £108.3 million.

The growth was underpinned by the £50 million acquisition of Azzuri in May last year, according to the O2 and EE partner. Mobile revenue increased 147 per cent to 6.9 million. Azzurri became fully merged into Maintel in October.

Maintel’s managed service and technology division saw turnover rise by 62 per cent to £64.1 million, and network services revenue (undisclosed) rose by 346 per cent year-on-year.

The firm added its core business, excluding Azzuri, achieved a one per cent rise in annual organic growth.

‘Well positioned’

Maintel CEO Eddie Buxton said: “The highlight was the acquisition of Azzurri, supported by the robust performance of the core Maintel business in the second half. Whilst we expect industry competition to remain high, we are well positioned for the coming year given our scale and increased range of product offerings.”

Maintel CTO Rufus Grig added: “Both brands had a strong reputation when they were separate and the acquisition last year only helped to strengthen that.

“Our partners just don’t want mobile products anymore. Cloud, data and unified communications play a huge role for them. The combination of both Azzuri and Maintel means they can rely on one trusted source for all of this.”

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