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Lyca launches new international money transfer service

Alex Yau
December 14, 2015

The online service allows users to send money overseas to residents in over 50 countries

Lyca has launched new money transfer service called Lycaremit, allowing customers to send money to friends or family in over 50 destinations.

Users can simply transfer money to friends or families on the Lycaremit website. They can transfer cash to friends or families in countries including Nigeria, Kenya, Tunisia, Uganda, Morocco and more.

The sender simply links the recipients’ bank account or mobile money service to their Lycaremit account. The recipient does not have to be a Lycaremit user.

To launch the new service, any transfer made before January 31 2016 will be subject to no transfer fees. Users who also transfer over £300 in a single transaction will get £5 free Lycamobile credit. The credit is only valid on one transaction per calendar month.

Lyca Group chairman (pictured) Subaskaran Allirajah said: “We’ve built our business over the past decade by providing vital services primarily to ethnic communities across Europe, from mobile calls and data to financial services and travel bookings.

“We believe Lycaremit will now expand that offering by allowing us to provide a highly competitive service we know our customers will benefit from.”

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