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Juniper Research: roaming IoT connections to generate 1,100 petabytes by 2027

Paul Lipscombe
August 10, 2022

Roaming IoT connections will jump 1,140 per cent during the five-year period

Roaming IoT connections are tipped to boom in the next five year with these connections expected to generate 1,100 petabytes globally by 2027.

This is according to analyst research firm Juniper Research, which expects the growth to be underpinned by the termination of 3G networks.

This will lead to the necessitating the adoption of low-power cellular networks.

The growth during the next five years represents a 1,140 per cent jump, increasing from 86 petabytes this year.

Juniper found that these lower power wide-area networks provide a cheaper alternative to some of the more established operator-led cellular networks, such as 4G and 5G; effectively driving IoT roaming connections through low-power, high-penetration coverage.

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