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iSmash strikes partnership with Maplin bolstering store footprint

Manny Pham
November 21, 2017

iSmash concessions will be set up in three major Maplin locations in Monument, St Paul’s and Stevenage. It brings total iSmash store fronts to 27

iSmash has penned a retail partnership with technology retailer Maplin to roll out concessions at three stores.

The technology repair specialist’s retail footprint will expand to 27 across the UK, when roll out is completed in the next six months.

Two concessions will be in London at Monument and St Paul’s, one more in the Stevenage flagship store.

Speaking to Mobile News in September, iSmash managing director Julian Shovlin (pictured) laid out plans to open 50 stores nationwide and hit £12.5 million in turnover by year’s end and doubling that figure in 2018.

26-year-old Shovlin claims the fledgling firm now has a base of 350,00 customers. Seven more standalone stores will be opened in London, Brighton and Leeds.

Expand and grow

“We’re incredibly excited about launching this pilot partnership with Maplin. We believe that iSmash can deliver value by helping Maplin reach a younger demographic, while we’ll be able to further expand our store footprint and add to our growing base of 350,000 happy customers”, Shovlin said.

Maplin CEO Oliver Meakin added: “We are constantly looking to expand our services proposition, as we look to create a customer journey that supports those who shop with us all the way from pre-purchase and consideration to after sales support”.

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