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Instant Access Europe launches Nxt2Nu in bid to boost trust in refurbished device market

Paul Lipscombe
September 28, 2021

All handsets will come as ‘pristine’ with no grading system in place 

Distribution company Instant Access Europe has launched a new refurbished smartphone brand called Nxt2Nu as it looks to boost consumer and reseller trust in such technology.

Nxt2Nu will initially focus on fully refurbished Apple and Samsung handsets, with plans to extend the range to other vendors in future.

The offering is directed towards indirect sales through B2C and B2B resellers, and will provide tailor-made service packages to suit specific needs for channel partners.

Instant Access Europe founder and director Sunny Ratnam told Mobile News that the brand was founded because he felt the refurbished market needed a more consistent direction.

“We believe in ensuring a great product and service experience for our reseller partners and end users. Our strap line of ‘Second Life Technology – First Use Experience’ is the essence of Nxt2Nu and is the guiding principle behind the brand,” said Ratnam.


All phones sold under the Nxt2Nu brand will be “pristine” quality, according to Ratnam, who wants to eliminate concerns around grading. While many refurbished handset distributors or retailers operate with a grading system unique to their business, Ratnam says the ambiguity around differences in grading causes inconsistencies.

“I want to get into this area of the market because you see these refurbished phones out there and ask ‘what am I getting?’” he said.

“One man’s grade A could be another one’s grade D. It’s so inconsistent and I think this is limiting what could and should be the biggest growth area in the mobile industry.

“So with our brand, every phone will be pristine. We want to have our phones to look the same when compared to brand new smartphones. In the absence of an industry standard, we go with a commitment to say these are all pristine.”

Each Nxt2Nu handset sold comes with what the company calls a unique ‘R-12 warranty’, under which the warranty doesn’t start until the end user receives the device and is offered a repair or replace service for the following 12 months.

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