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Industry veteran Nick Muir to lead iPhone re-manufacturer Remade in UK

Paul Lipscombe
March 17, 2020

Muir has been tasked with developing international business expansion in the UK

Former WileyFox co-founder Nick Muir has been tasked with launching iPhone re-manufacturer Remade in the UK.

Normandy-based Remade specialise in providing in grade A++ quality iPhones, with shipments beginning next month.

The French company were founded in 2013 and has shipped over three million iPhones during this time.

Muir, who has also previously worked for Motorola UK, will be tasked with developing Remade’s five-point plan.

The strategy covers driving quality product, pushing customer service, working with carriers, distributors and retailers, plus fighting the stigma around pre-owned handsets and increasing access to Apple’s iOS ecosystem.

The refurbished market in the UK accounted for 2.6 million units last year, according to CCS Insight, with this market driven by environmental concerns, stagnation in innovation and higher flagship costs.

Remade claim to carry out 34 hardware and software tests on its iPhones as part of its quality control process.

Commenting on his new role Muir said: “Today, the second-hand market is chaotic, with understandable consumer and business doubt over the quality of phones available.

“Remade has the potential to catapult the pre-owned iPhone market to the mainstream. Environmentalism will only ever succeed commercially when it delivers a product of exceptional quality.”

Later in the year, Remade will also provide a white label offering, along with exclusive, affiliated editions.

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