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Industry analysts: At least six months more of chip famine

Megan Robinson
December 21, 2021

Analysts warn of more disruption for 2022

The chipset shortage crisis is not expected to improve until at least mid-2022, according to industry analysts.

The shortages have impacted many sectors throughout much of 2021, and factors such as the pandemic, rising prices, lack of components and factory closures have all contributed to the problem.

Sectors impacted include the consumer electronics industry, in areas such as mobiles, computers and gaming appliances, as well as car manufacturing.

Counterpoint VP and research manager Peter Richardson believes the worst may be over with, but that the smartphone industry will still struggle to return to pre-pandemic levels.

“The demand-supply imbalance is likely to continue throughout much of 2022, but will improve gradually,” he said.

“The current problems have been a long time in the making; there’s no quick fix.”

CCS Insight VP Marina Koytcheva agrees that chipset supplies will not improve quickly, but is optimistic that there will be some growth in 2022. “How the COVID-19 situation will develop during the winter remains a risk, but high levels of vaccination in countries – key to production of mobile phones – brings optimism that we are in a much better position compared to last winter,” she said.

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