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IMO strengthens portfolio offering with new range of connectivity products

Paul Lipscombe
November 9, 2020

The range of routers includes a 5G router plus super-fast 4G+In My Opinion (IMO) has today (November 9) announced a new range of fixed line broadband products.

The range includes fixed-line routers, wireless routers, and Mesh solutions as the vendor aims to strengthen its connectivity offering.

This fixed-line range includes xDSL, Fibre, Cable, Gateways and WiFi6 routers and provides download speeds up to 4,200Mbps, simultaneous dual band, WiFi 6, 4*4 MIMO.

These have been designed to support the most demanding user of data, such as online gamers or those working from home.

IMO’s wireless routers include super-fast 4G+, 5G routers and outdoor routers, with these powered by strong carrier aggregation 4*4 MIMO, dual band and Wi-Fi6 technology.

According to IMO, these wireless routers can provide speeds of up to 600Mbps, 1.2Gbps, up to 2.5Gbps, with matching Wi-Fi throughput.

IMO chief marketing officer Chris Edwards said: “The addition of the fixed-line and higher speed wireless broadband device has strengthened our portfolio of products and complements our mobile handset offer for our existing customers while opening up new  partnership opportunities.”

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