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Huawei hits back posting strong 2018 revenue growth

Manny Pham
January 3, 2019

Huawei sold 200 million smartphones up from 153 million year-on-year

Huawei reported sales revenue growth of 21 per cent up to $108.5 billion after an “eventful year” did not impact its performance in 2018.

Rotating chairman Guo Ping (pictured) said in his new year’s message for 2019 that Huawei never stopped “pushing forward”, despite bans in a number of countries.

He adamantly said: “We have a very strong track record in cyber security. Huawei has never and will never present a security threat”.

It 21 per cent revenue growth was an improvement on 2017’s growth which was up 15 per cent then. Huawei also reported it sold over 200 million smartphones for 2018 up from 153 million year-on-year.

Ping added: “Hardship and pressure will only make us more united and stronger. I have no doubt that we will achieve what we’ve set out to do: to bring digital to every person, home and organisation for a fully connected, intelligent world.”

Loosen control
Ping also announced Huawei will establish a new operating model with less grip on its global markets, giving more authority to head of markets.

“Under centralised governance, we will gradually optimise our operations and establish a new operating model. Headquarters will loosed control and delegate more authority to field offices.

“HQ will focus on budget management while field offices make good use of the authority they’re given. Budgets represent the direction of the company, and decision-making authority will be delegated to those who are closest to our customers.

“We also need to understand different value systems around the world and use a more global mindset to resolve the issues we encounter in western countries.”

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