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Huawei files US lawsuit as it challenges “unlawful” ban

Paul Lipscombe
March 7, 2019

Huawei has continuously denied any wrong-doing regarding the security of its kit 

Huawei has filed a lawsuit in US federal court as the Chinese manufacturer challenges the ban imposed by the US government.

This was confirmed by Huawei rotating chairman Guo Ping, who was speaking at a press conference at the vendors headquarters in Shenzhen.

The lawsuit follows a number of setbacks for Huawei in recent months with Huawei writing an open letter to the UK government declaring its innocence and also claimed to have invested £2 billion in Britain in the past five years.

Ping said that the US has failed to present any evidence to justify its restrictions on Huawei and described the ban as “unlawful” as the federal court has 60 days to respond to the legal action.

“We are compelled to take legal action as a last resort. This ban not only is unlawful, but also restricts Huawei from engaging in fair competition, ultimately harming US consumers.”

The lawsuit was filed at Huawei’s US headquarters in Texas, with the complaint stating the ban goes beyond just blocking the government agencies from buying equipment.

Huawei also said that it blocks contracts and grants from being handed to third parties which buy Huawei equipment or services without any executive or judicial process.

Ping added that Huawei is willing to tackle the US’ security concerns and states that Huawei can help the US to build the best 5G networks.

“Huawei is willing to address the US governments security concerns. If the law is set aside, as it should be, Huawei can bring more advanced technologies to the US and help it build the best 5G networks.”

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