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Huawei confident of UK surge following huge success of P9

Paul Withers
December 15, 2016

Increased consumer and retail awareness has provided it with market breakthrough this year

Huawei has “broken down barriers” and opened up new sales channels as it continues its quest to become the third biggest manufacturer in the UK before the end of 2017.

That is according to UK sales director Rhys Saunders, who was speaking to Mobile News after it revealed shipments of the P9 smartphone had topped nine million units globally.

Huawei’s smartphone sales share in the UK has grown throughout the year,  more than doubling from 2.1 per cent in April to nearly five per cent.

The P9 was the manufacturer’s first to be launched by all four mobile operators when it went on sale in April with Saunders adding it is easily Huawei’s most successful flagship release to date and has contributed a “significant” amount to the device’s overall sales figures.

Hollywood A-listers Scarlett Johansson and Henry Cavill have fronted the marketing campaign for the P9

Brand awareness

He claimed its popularity, driven by the partnership with camera specialists Leica and the £10 million marketing campaign in the UK, has significantly helped increase brand awareness and credibility in the market.

“The P9 has really broken down barriers and opened new channels for us. It has increased brand awareness and consumer confidence to gain credibility.

“Retail staff are now recommending Huawei to customers and that has been a huge shift for us. We have done a lot of focus groups where people’s perception of us has increased quite dramatically.

“The marketing has really delivered key messages to the channels and customers that Huawei is here for the long-term.

“It has helped us become a true challenger brand and really make a mark for ourselves in the UK.”

Broader reach

Saunders revealed Huawei is reviewing its distribution strategy in the UK as it looks to broaden its reach next year.

It is targeting MVNOs in particular as it looks to continue the growth from this year.

“We’re ranged in the main operators, and now we’re going after the MVNOs. We’re looking at who can provide us with the best coverage in 2017.”

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