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GK Telecom to launch accessory Blue brand next month

Saf Malik
March 30, 2021

Original plan to launch last year was derailed by Covid-19

GK Telecom is set to extend into the high-end mobile accessory market through the launch of a new sub-brand in April.

The SIM distributor’s original plan to launch the high-end offering in March 2020 was delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Products under the Blue brand, which will include data cables, dual USBs and earphones, will be available via the company’s GKT Store.


GK Telecom operations director Ravi Navaratnam said accessories have already proved a great success for the company and expects the accessories market to grow exponentially over the next five years.

“It’s now time to get the ball moving on the project,” he said. The brand will focus on a wide range of advertising and point- of-sales items to promote it, with a coordinated look across all mediums, says Navaratnam.

The company, which works with 25,000 independent retailers, is now looking to create more partnerships within the industry to strengthen its distribution, including of SIM cards.

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