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Gartner: Huawei surpass Apple to become second biggest manufacturer in the world

Elliot Mulley-Goodbarne
August 28, 2018

Latest stats from the analysis firm show that overall smartphone sales grew two per cent in Q2, reaching 374 million

Huawei has secured second place in the worldwide market in terms of smartphone sales according to Gartner.

The Chinese manufacturer shipped close to 50 million units in the second quarter of this year compared to 35.96 million units at the same time last year.

As a result, Apple fell to third place in the world, shipping 44.7 million units in the last quarter before the next iPhone launch. Despite the drop, Apple did slightly grow its year on year shipments for the second quarter from 44.3 million units.

Overall the top five was made up with Samsung taking 19.3 per cent of world wide shipments, Huawei accounting for 13.3 per cent of the market and Apple (11.9pc), Xiaomi (8.8pc) and OPPO (7.6pc) rounding out the rest of the top five.

Gartner research director Anshul Gupta said: “”Huawei’s smartphone sales grew 38.6 per cent in the second quarter of 2018. Huawei continues to bring innovative features into its smartphones and expand its smartphone portfolio to cover larger consumer segments.

“Its investment into channels, brand building and positioning of the Honor devices helped drive sales. Huawei is shipping its Honor smartphones into 70 markets worldwide and is emerging as Huawei’s key growth driver.”

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