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FussFreePhones aim to take us back in time with new service

Matthew Cook
May 24, 2018

Fuss Free Phones has launches a new land line call centre service

The new service will be aimed at helping connect calls for the elderly and people with disability.

Customers are sent a Geemarc CL64 phone (£59) programmed to call the Fuss Free Phones telephonists.

The customer sends Fuss Free Phones a list of people they wish to call and is processed into the system.

On top of the handset price the land line service is at £15 a month. The CL64 land line phone includes a loud speaker and flashing light for the hard of hearing.

The service is outsourced to Ventrica, a 24 hour call centre provider. Fuss Free phones founder Simon Rockman told Mobile News: “This service will really help older customers and particularly helpful for people with dementia and blind people.”

“There are 60 people trained up on the Fuss Free Phones services. Working shifts so its typically 20 people at anyone time.”

“We’ve now opened a trade account with Geemarc Phones we’re buying the handsets in quantity which we weren’t before.

“We want to turn the clock back to a time when phones were about talking to people.”

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