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Focus Group celebrates record £28m revenues

James Pearce
February 6, 2015

B2B reseller hits revenue milestone 11 years after being established and also achieves record gross profits

Focus Group celebrated a decade in business by posting record gross profit of £11.7 million and record revenues of more than £28 million.

The Hove firm was set up by current CEO Chris Goodman as a fixed line reseller in 2003 and expanded in to mobile in 2007.

Turnover has risen from £300,000 to more than £28 million during this period, and now has a base of more than 8,000 customers, including 12,000 mobile connections and 150 staff (through Daisy).

It has 65,000 “live assets” which include fixed line connections. It connects its fixed base through Gamma. Turnover across mobile almost doubled between 2013 and 2014 to £2.5 million with Goodman saying its 14 mobile staff make “several hundred connections” (including retentions) every month.

“One of the big challenges is how we filter down the ethos of the business from what it was when it was small to what it is now,” Goodman said. “We’ve recruited a lot of staff. To get them to believe in the business is one of the hardest challenge.

“We’ve seen consistent growth despite fluctuating commercials and fluctuating regard by the networks of the reseller channel.

“Sometimes the network prefers to go directly and others they focus on the reseller model. We’ve seen that growth regardless of those changes that have happened.”

To celebrate the anniversary, the company hosted a lavish black-tie party at Brighton’s Grand Hotel, in which more than 200 staff and invited guests attended.

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