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Exertis signs agreement for Omnicharge distribution

Matthew Cook
June 7, 2018

Exertis on the charge to increase its range. 

Exertis has announced a distribution agreement with power bank manufacturers Omnicharge to range its highend mobile chargers.

The distributor will be ranging the Omni 13, 20, USB-C and Power Station models from the manufacturer with the Omni 13 hosting a three-pronged AC/ HVDC, a universal DC port that outputs 13,600 mAh and fastcharging USB ports.

The Omnicharge advanced power bank Omni 20 equipped with two fast-charging USB ports, a high quality 20,400 mAh power output, a 100W AC outlet and a universal DC port.

Exertis is also distributing the Omni USB-C that holds a 100 watt total output, two USB and 20,100 mAh of power output.

The deal also comprises the Omni Power Station that holds 20 omni chargers and a connected cloud platform, capable of turning one outlet into ten.

Exertis Unlimited commercial director Matthew Balcombe said: “We look forward to offering their range to our retailers.

Omnicharge provides the power requirements demanded by today’s always-on, consumer, digital lifestyle.”

Omnicharge vice president of sales Dwayne Bellow said: “We’re excited to join forces with Exertis.

“At the rate devices are outpacing standard outlets, access to reliable power sources is a necessity.”

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