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Exclusive: Mazuma partners up with Bastion to offer insurance service

Paul Lipscombe
May 30, 2019

The insurance proposition goes live from early June

Gadget insurance specialists Bastion Insurance has announced it has struck a partnership with that allows Mazuma to offer its customers gadget insurance.

Mazuma will offer the service to customers who have an eligible handset, that can be purchased through Mazuma or elsewhere.

The new proposition will be added to the checkout basket on Mazuma’s website where it offers customers the chance to add the insurance to their basket ahead of checkout.

There is a two stage strategy to the new proposition with the first phase going live from early June which allows eligible customers to purchase the gadget insurance.

While the second phase is the point of sale option, which is set to follow later this year after the Mazuma website is updated.

Bastion Insurance sales director John Fannon told Mobile News that partnering with Mazuma was an enticing proposition.

“Mazuma is a household name and feels like a correct commercial and consumer fit for us. As a company Mazuma sees the value in insuring.”

Fannon said that Bastion Insurance don’t usually insure refurbished handsets but made an exception for Mazuma.

“We’ve seen Mazuma’s high standards of refurbished devices and the 12 months warranty it offers its customers and as a result are happy to insure them.”

“This clearly demonstrates Mazuma’s intent to provide additional products and services that provide genuine value to the customer and we’re delighted to be supporting the team at Mazuma.”

Craig Smith, who is global CEO of EcoRenew who are the parent group of Mazuma added: “Last year we introduced our Mazuma shop, where customers can buy quality and affordable devices.

“Today, we are delighted to also offer our customers affordable and comprehensive device insurance, through our partnership with the industry leading Bastion Insurance. It is a strong signal that here at Mazuma we want to be seen as an all-round mobile phone provider, not just a recycler.”

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