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EXCLUSIVE: Data Select hot on heels of major rivals says MD

Paul Withers
April 6, 2016

Distributor’s extensive portfolio has competitors “looking over their shoulders”

Data Select is readying itself for a major drive in the UK distribution market after signing up a number of manufacturers over recent months.

This is according to managing director Fergal Donovan, who was speaking to Mobile News at its 22nd and biggest-ever Platinum Club event, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Marlow, Buckinghamshire on March 17.

Data Select distributes products on behalf of 47 vendors across the smartphone, tablet, wearable, mobile broadband, virtual reality (VR), drone and Internet of Things segments, with several new device manufacturers having been signed up in recent months to expand its offering.

These include HTC, Honor, Acer, KAZAM and Wileyfox. Its distribution agreement with BlackBerry, which was signed in November, is also now live.

According to Donovan, Data Select occupies third position in the UK distribution market but its rivals will be feeling the pressure due to the pace at which it is widening its portfolio across multiple technology segments.

Looking over shoulders
“We find ourselves in a very good place. We are in a strong third position in the UK, and the other two are looking over their shoulders.

“We haven’t been sitting doing nothing for the past six months. We’ve signed up a lot of brands to ensure our portfolio is full and contains the right products at the right prices. I’m convinced we have the widest range of products and services in the UK.

“These are key partnerships for us, especially as the low-end market needs addressing. We see markets where those products can play a part in our portfolio.

“We sat down and looked at the gaps in our portfolio and how we could fill them. Enterprise drives brands like BlackBerry and HTC, whereas our online activities are more aligned to brands like Acer, Honor, Wileyfox and KAZAM.

“Our relationships are strong and you can see from the vendors coming to us that we have a compelling proposition for them. I feel in an industry that might be seen to be struggling or growing slowly, we are doing very well.”

Speed to market
Donovan claimed Data Select’s speed to market, flexibility and agility have all been instrumental in attracting these
new manufacturers.

A key part of this has been its ability to implement new technologies, such as VR, drones and the connected home.

“We’ve shown these vendors that we can not only work with them in the enterprise channels, but also the flexibility and agility that Data Select offers to bring them speedy access to market.

“We’ve held very good sessions with them in terms of where we want to go. We’ve drawn up business plans with each of them with the ultimate aim of having the widest portfolio possible.”

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