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Ericsson Mobility Report: 5G to exceed one billion subscriptions this year

Megan Robinson
June 21, 2022

4.4 billion 5G subscriptions are forecasted for 2027 as 5G is scaling faster than all previous mobile technology generations

Ericsson has published its 22nd Mobility Report which revealed 5G subscriptions are set to top one billion this year.

It also showed that global data traffic has doubled in the past two years, driven by increased smartphone usage, and there is increasing demand for data connectivity and digital services. 

The report highlighted that around 25 per cent of the world’s population has access to 5G and 70 million 5G subscriptions were added during the first quarter of 2022.

North America is predicted to lead in 5G subscriptions as 90 pc of subscriptions in the region are forecasted to be 5G by 2027.

This is followed by predictions of 82 pc of 5G subscriptions in Western Europe in 2027, 80 pc in the Gulf Cooperation Council region, and 74 pc in North East Asia. 

Growing Technologies

Ericsson executive VP and head of networks Fredrik Jejdling said: “The latest Ericsson Mobility Report confirms 5G as the fastest growing mobile technology generation ever, and Ericsson is playing a key role in making it happen. 

“We work every day with our customers and ecosystem partners around the world to ensure that millions more people, enterprises, industries, and societies enjoy the benefits of 5G connectivity as soon as possible.’’

The report also emphasised the significance that Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) brings to the delivery of broadband services and that connections could exceed 100 million in 2022.

With the Internet of Things (IoT), the Mobility Report revealed that in 2021, broadband IoT (4G/5G) overtook 2G and 3G as it accounted for 44 pc of all connections on cellular IoT connected devices.

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