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Envirofone launches trade-in charity incentive

Paul Lipscombe
June 2, 2021

The scheme supports charities that have been hit hard during the pandemic

Mobile phone trader and recycler Envirofone has launched a charity incentive that encourages customers to trade in their old devices or donate to a partner charity of their choice.

The new charitable incentive, known as EnviroCharity, has partnered with RECLAIM, Dementia Adventure and The Proud Trust, and aims to help charities that have struggled financially during the pandemic despite demand for their services growing.

Creation of the scheme follows recent research commissioned by Giffgaff that found Brits are hoarding 55 million old unused mobile phones.

Customers can make their donations to Envirofone on its website by choosing the ‘donate to charity’ option at the checkout and selecting one of the partner charities.

Donations can range from a minimum value of five per cent up to the full value of their device.

Once the trade-in is completed Envirofone pays the charity directly, which receives the full value of the donation made.

Envirofone brand manager Denise Timmis said: “We can see the devastating impact the pandemic is having on the charity sector and want to put what we do as a business to good use and support these causes.

“By partnering with charities, we can help them to diversify their fundraising efforts in ways that aren’t impacted by social distancing.”

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