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Emporia announces launch of SMART.5 in the UK

Paul Lipscombe
March 24, 2021

The SMART.5 is the vendor’s latest smartphone to launch in the UK

Emporia Telecom has launched its latest smartphone in the UK, with the SMART.5 available from £250.

The new phone launched by the Austrian-based vendor, hopes to appeal to both smartphone and feature phone users due to the inclusion of a ‘smart cover’.

It is set to release on April 6 and will be available to buy on Emporia’s website and through Amazon.

And the vendor says the phone has been launched in anticipation of the Covid-19 vaccine passport app being developed, with many retirees expected to lead the charge on holiday bookings.

It is the latest handset that Emporia Telecom has launched in the UK, since arriving in this market in January last year.

Emporia, which specialises in manufacturing handsets designed for seniors, claims the phone addresses frustrations that senior smartphone users have including; difficulty using their phone, hard-to-read screens and sound not being loud enough.

The new handset also features a smart cover that has been designed to allow users to have an interactive experience.

When closed the cover allows easy access to the most-used functions on the phone, through a set of responsive ‘windows’.


The SMART.5 also features an emergency button, that if pressed alerts up to five emergency contacts via a text message along with the device’s location, while there is also an 154-page training book included to provide users with tips and information.

There is also reduced sensitivity on the sensitivity of the phone’s touchscreen, which the company claims has been designed specifically for over 66’s based on live user testing.

Commenting on the launch, Emporia UK and Ireland MD Chris Millington said: “The SMART.5 meets the needs of an entire generation living in an increasingly ‘no touch’, mobile-reliant society.

“The pandemic has put those who don’t own smartphones at a distinct disadvantage, with WhatsApp, click and collect, contactless payments, and e-tickets now requirements for daily life, and for future travel.”

Other features include an 8MP front-facing camera, a 1.8GHz octa-core processor and a replaceable 3,550mAh battery.

Since launching in the UK last year Emporia has struck a number of partnerships including its UK distribution partner Eurostar Global, Amazon, Maplin and Mobile Phones Direct plus more.

Emporia Telecom owner Eveline Pupeter added: “We have incorporated the latest findings from our surveys and research into this model.

“From our first test series, to tests with advanced smartphone users, we know we’ve hit the spot when it comes to meeting our customers’ needs.”

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