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EE dominate in OpenSignal’s Mobile Network Update

Paul Lipscombe
October 11, 2018

EE pipped Vodafone to go first overall for best 4G latency

EE dominated in OpenSignal’s Mobile Network Update as it claimed five of the seven awards on offer.

The operator managed to secure top spot for quickest download speed overall, download speed for 4G, 4G upload speed, 4G latency and 4G availability but drew in the 3G latency metric with Vodafone.

In total over 1.1 billion measurements were analysed from nearly 77,000 devices by OpenSignal during a 90-day test period that started June 1 which compared the 3G and 4G mobile data experience offered by the UK’s four national operators; EE, Vodafone, O2 and Three.

EE kept its place at the top of the rankings for 4G download speed, with a score of nearly 29Mbps. Despite leading there was no growth in this category for the past six months, however Vodafone managed to grow its speed to 21.9Mbps, while Three saw a decrease of  3Mbps to 18.8Mbps.

However Three did pip EE to the top of the leaderboard for the 3Gd download speed with 7.8Mbps just edging EE with 7.2Mbps. EE has set out plans to refarm its 2,100MHz spectrum from 3G to 4G over the next few months.

EE also managed to hold top spot in 4G availability but the only notable growth saw fourth-placed Three close the gap on the other three.

As well as this EE improved less than a millisecond in its score for 4G latency to go outright first in this category after drawing previously against Vodafone.

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