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Edinburgh smartphone users hit hardest by loss of signal says Opensignal

Staff Reporter
June 1, 2023

Edinburgh is the worst city for losing mobile signal and more than 14 per cent of UK smartphone users get average download speeds below 10Mb according to an analysis by Opensignal, which provides network data from billions of measuring points.

Opensignal’s latest analysis states most people lose mobile signal for one per cent of the time but, around 4.7 per cent of users lose signal for five per cent otf their mobile time.

Across the 12 cities analysed Bristol (5.7 per cent), London (4.6 per cent) and Glasgow (4.6 per cent) have the next highest proportions of users experiencing signal loss.

More than 12 per cent of users in Glasgow, Newcastle and Bristol have a poor video experience with five cities underperforming compared to the national average of 10.8 per cent, These are Glasgow, Newcastle, Bristol, Liverpool and Birkenhead and Birmingham. London is mid-table with 8.5 per cent, while Edinburgh does a bit better with 7.9 per cent.

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