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Development fund helped authorised Samsung Repair Centre TMT First to record year.

Staff Reporter
August 21, 2023

The Manufacturing Growth Programme has helped Samsung repair centre TMT First expand its operation to repair more than 200,000 mobile phones, tablets, accessories and laptops a year.

The Manufacturing Growth Programme was the UK’s largest and leading business support programme for SME manufacturers. It was funded by the European Regional Development Fund and delivered Irst by Oxford Innovation Advice . It gave advice and support to manufacturing small and medium enterprises with nearly £15 million in grants for 4,300 companies over the last three years. 

The Programme has helped TMT First boost its turnover from £9m in 2020 to its current level of £16m, and double its headcount to 144 people at its base in Newcastle-under-Lyme. ? The process involved bringing in expert consultants to look at internal systems and how to convert opportunities. Funds have now been phased out

The Programme helped the company launch its ‘Eco Repair’ service, which can now replace a screen without needing to also replace the aluminium frame and battery.

Adam Whitehouse: opportunities realised from the support programme

The Manufacturing Growth Programme has made a major difference to our expansion plans. Eighty-three per cent of mobile phone CO2 emissions come from their manufacture, shipping and first-year usage. Eco Repair means they are easier to repair and return to the customer without them needing a new phone” explained Adam Whitehouse, founder of TMT First.

Without the financial support and guidance provided by Manufacturing Growth Programme, it would have been much more difficult for us to get where we are. Some of the opportunities realised may never even have happened. We’d love to see the Manufacturing Growth Programme continue in North Staffordshire.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Adam Whitehouse will be a keynote speaker at Mobile News’ secondary market conference Circular Summit talking about the best repair practices for used devices.

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