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Data Select partners with Mainstream on MVR system

Paul Lipscombe
August 29, 2018

Data Select now offers two solutions from Mainstream alongside device management, insurance and financing products

Data Select has partnered with Mainstream Digital to provide its mobile voice recording solution to the distributor’s partners.

Following the introduction of legislation such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFIDII), the solution is designed to record the calls that are made on the mobile device as well as securely storing them for the mandatory five years.

The solution from Mainstream can record outgoing and incoming calls without the need for the user to activate the software and is tamper proof, user transparent and accessible anywhere in the world on any network.

Data Select head of mobile solutions Marios Ktisti said: “Being able to offer Mainstream’s MVR service is a great addition to our mobile solutions range.”

Data Select now offers two solutions from Mainstream and will offer the voice recording solutions alongside its device management, insurance and financing products. The distributor will also offer full training, webinars, meetings and test licences to help roll the solution out to its partners.

Managing director of Mainstream Digital Ian Medlock said: “We are really happy to be working with Data Select on our MVR solution. We know many companies struggle with MiFIDII regulations and the use of mobile phones.

“Our MVR solution not only helps with regulation in the financial sector, but provides a suite of features any industry doing business on a mobile device would find invaluable.”

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