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Data Select holding company ‘Brandpath’ goes live

Michael Garwood
February 17, 2015

Peter Jones ready to take his IT and mobile brands to the international market 

Brandpath, the new holding company for Peter Jones firms Data Select, Expansys, DSNS and PJ Media has officially gone live following an internal restructure.

The new holding company, which took six month’s to create and includes a six-figure IT upgrade, is part of the organisations plans for international expansion. Brandpath  brings together all brands together and under the same roof for the first time.

Jones claims combining the assets of Data Select (distribution), Expansys (e-commerce), DSNS (SIM’s) and PJ Media (IT solutions) will enable ‘Brandpath’ to become a “globally respected leader”.

The Brandpath website (above)  has also now gone live detailing a full list of products and services offered by Brandpath, as it looks to promote itself to international clients. Jones claims to have built the world’s only ‘true end to end solution’ which handles ‘every step of the customer journey.’

“By creating Brandpath, we can provide a complete end-to-end solutions service to our partners globally,” said Jones, who has taken the title of Brandpath president and executive chairman. “We are evolving to meet the needs of our current and future partners.”

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 10.03.36
Statement of intent displayed on the Brandpath website

Former Vodafone Egypt and Qatar CEO Richard Daly, has been appointed by Jones as Brandpath CEO to head up the groups expansion plans which is likely to include  a central warehouse in Eastern Europe and noted Africa and Asia as target markets.

Data Select has also been building a number of international distribution hubs in Chicago, Hong Kong and France – offering distribution services to local markets. Data Select has also been managing Vodafone’s 20 stores in Qatar for two years and will explore further opportunities.

Jones added all current brands will remain “for the time being” as it builds Brandpath’s identity over the next year.

Peter Jones infront of Brandpath offices in Marlow


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