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Daisy sees 129pc increase in Vodafone connection targets

Paul Withers
May 20, 2014

Surge comes as a result of a dealer incentive in partnership with the operator and Nokia, which saw nine dealers will a three-night stay at the Valderama Golf Club in Spain last week

Daisy Distribution has said that it increased its Vodafone connection targets by 129 per cent during an incentive in partnership with Nokia.

Handset purchase numbers from the manufacturer were also up 111 per cent. Daisy did not reveal detailed comparison figures of connection or handset purchase numbers.

The promotion, which ran from November 1, 2013 until January 31, 2014, saw a point awarded to dealers for every new and upgraded Vodafone connection.

They also received bonus points if the connection was made of a One Net Express variant or included a Microsoft Office 365 deployment. All SIM-free Nokia Lumia device purchases also carried a bonus point.

The results of the incentive saw nine dealers with a three-night stay at the Valderama Golf Club in Spain last week.

The results follow an O2 and Nokia incentive which saw a 118 per cent performance increase against its connection targets and more than 200 per cent growth in O2 handset purchase revenues.

The incentive, which ran between October 21, 2013 and January 24, 2014, awarded dealers points for every new, upgrade and fixed line connection made, as well as SIM-free Nokia devices bought.

Daisy Distribution marketing director Julien Parven (pictured) said: “Our ambition was to continue the growth which we had seen in Vodafone business since the successful move into revenue share in mid-2013.

Having the ability to link this with sales of the Nokia Lumia device range, which is the fastest growing model in our sales portfolio, we felt we had a real opportunity to do something special.

“Partners were definitely engaged and it was fantastic to see how committed they were, not only to the incentive, but to the delivery of a great set of sales figures It is important for us to recognise all the diverse areas within our business and to complement those partners that contribute to our combined success.”

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