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Daisy Group launches new Cloud product

Paul Withers
June 11, 2012

Unified business communications provider CloudSelect to run off its own via its own network and UK data centres 

Daisy Group has launched CloudSelect, a Cloud-based product deployed over its own network and accredited UK-based data centres.

CloudSelect has been built with VMWare, Cisco and NetApp. It’s aimed at businesses of all sizes with customers able to choose entire computing solutions with network resources and storage.

Daisy said this allows the entire infrastructure to be flexible and responsive, without requiring investment in hardware.

Daisy’s four data centres are located in Manchester, London Docklands and Jersey. In April it announced it had completed a £1 million investment programme in its Manchester data centre.

Daisy Group corporate sales director Will Kennedy (pictured) said: “Entire businesses require instant, secure access to data wherever they are, and the ability to back this up, store it and recall it at any point in time.

“Not only do we deliver all of this with CloudSelect, but we also guarantee peace of mind because we can tell our customers exactly where their data is stored and guarantee it will never leave our UK network. Our cloud product comes complete with an impenetrable wall surrounding and protecting it.”

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