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Daisy Distribution launches Viability portal for partners

Elliot Mulley-Goodbarne
December 5, 2018

New sales portal precedes a redesign of the Daisy Partner portal

Daisy Distribution has launched a new sales portal for its partners called Viability.

Within four days, 71 partners had signed up to the portal, which is designed to allow Daisy partners to see the best available airtime prices for its customers before proposing an agreement.

Partners can customise the deals depending on the margin they seek to make on original sales and the margin by which they will allow a customer to discount a plan. Vodafone, O2 and EE tariff rates and commissions are fed into the portal so that partners get the best prices available on each network at the time.

Once a proposal is made, the system provides Daisy partners with a summary of the revenues, gross profit and cash flow they can expect, as well as how much the customer will spend in total.

Daisy Distribution managing director Dave McGinn said: “This whole system has been designed to make the whole process of signing up customers much more efficient.

“From Daisy Distribution’s perspective, we’re looking into how we address the digital marketplace we are in now, and alongside this we are redesigning the partner portal.

“By the second half of next year, we want to be able to provide a service where, at the touch of a button, our partners can see the details of their entire customer base.”

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