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Daisy analysis finds more of its dealers are diversifying

Paul Withers
September 18, 2014

Around 80 per cent of its base don’t see mobile as being central to their businesses, with 60 per cent offering fixed line within their core services

Daisy Distribution has found that almost a fifth its its dealers do not consider mobile to be their primary business activity.

The data profiling analysis of a base consisting of 354 dealers found 60 per cent of them offering fixed line within their core services, which the airtime distributor said shows how more resellers diversifying into other industry sales channels.

Over and above business mobiles, 89 per cent offered lines and calls, with just over half selling VoIP and 46 per cent offering telephone systems and maintenance.

The number of partners who have in the past, and still do, offer Microsoft Office 365 within their portfolio made up nearly half of the firm’s dealer base at 41 per cent.

Daisy Distribution marketing director Julien Parven (pictured) said: “This exercise has been a real eye-opener in terms of just how varied our partner base really is. We are seeing more and more of our resellers embracing new technologies and strengthening their portfolios with additional services. Channel diversification is definitely on the rise and shows no signs of stopping.”

The airtime distributor said that by carrying out this exercise in data analysis, it is provided with the intelligence it needs to approach those partners who are best suited to implementing unified comms solutions, such as Microsoft Office 365 and Vodafone One Net Business, successfully into their portfolio and out to their customer base.

“It added the intention is to use this data to create programme that will assist partners well versed in specific product areas to identify their most likely target customers from within their bases, with this backed up by marketing tools and support from the distributor to effectively engage with them.”

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