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Crowds gather at Regent Street Apple Store as iPhone XS and XS Max goes on sale

Manny Pham
September 21, 2018

Customers were queuing since 6am coming from all over the world

Around 100 people queued up at Apple’s temporary flagship Regent Street store to buy the iPhone XS and XS Max today (Sep 21).

iPhone fans have been queuing since 6am with the store opening its doors at 8am letting out the sound of applause from staff. Launched alongside the two handsets was the Apple Watch Series 4 (£399).

Customers came from all over the world to get their hands on the two devices , with the iPhone XS Max (£1,099) proving to be the popular choice amongst consumers, over the iPhone XS (£999).

One customer claimed he upgrades his iPhone very year, having done so for the past six years, saying “Apple is the best in the smartphone market”.

Apple financials
Apple reported for Q3 the three months ending June 30, 2018, $53 billion (£40.6bn) in revenue a quarter-on-quarter increase of 17 per cent, driven by the iPhone which made $29.9bn, shipping 41.3 million units. The manufacturer claimed an “all time high” revenue from the App Store, Apple Music and iCloud attributing $9.5bn to the total.

Making up the rest of revenues was Macs ($5.3bn) and iPads ($4.7bn), shipping 3.7bn and 11.5bn respectively. International sales accounted for 60 per cent of Apple’s results.

Revenue target for Q4 is predicted to between $60 billion (£46bn) and $62 billion(£47bn). During the quarter the manufacturer is expected to launch its next line of iPhones.

For the full report read Mobile News 673 due out October 8.

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