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Connect Telecom completes hat-trick of acquisitions

Alex Yau
May 24, 2017

Northern Irish dealer buys Cortel, Nortech and Mobile Leisure boosts connection base to over 30,000 

Connect Telecom has completed three multi-million pound acquisitions which will add more than £3 million in revenue and “cement its position as the leading mobile dealer in Northern Ireland”.

The acquisitions of Scottish dealer Coltel, Carlisle-headquartered Nortech and Northern Ireland-based Mobile Leisure will boost Connect’s base to over 30,000 with 16,000 Vodafone connections.

There will be no major changes to branding and structure at the three companies, with 15 roles being added to Connect’s current numbers of 50. It expands its reach from Northern Ireland to Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Carlisle and Belfast.

Acquisition drive

All three purchases are part of an acquisition drive aimed at increasing overall revenues (undisclosed) and unified communication services, with two more targeted over the course of the next year. They add to five other acquisitions made since the company was founded in 2007.

Connect Telecom director Matthew Brown (pictured) said: “We hope this will be the start of a few more acquisitions we’re making this year.

“These are Vodafone partners, so it’s in line with our status as a Total Communications partner. Our customer will benefit from the added unified communications services as well and it will help drive further growth for us. You need to offer a range of services and not just focus on mobile.

“There are a lot of changes happening within the sector and we want to position ourselves for growth. We’re certain we’re the number one supplier of Vodafone in Northern Ireland and these acquisitions further cements our status as that.”

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