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Citycom looking for sales boost with portal

Alex Yau
December 16, 2016

The Vodafone dealer’s new portal is due to launch at the start of next year

Citycom is confident its upcoming portal system will help it increase annual revenues by more than half to £5 million by the end of 2017.

This is due to go live at the start of next year, with the Brentford-based Vodafone Gold Partner revealing it has invested more than £200,000 and spent “months” trialling it with its hundreds of customers.

Once launched fully into the market, the portal will allow customers to track information on usage, connections and even book in repair services.

Citycom MD Vinod Kakkar claimed the artificial intelligence built into the portal will differentiate it from similar products offered to market.

For example, it will automatically notify Citycom when a customer is abroad, or exceeds their agreed bundle, allowing the dealer to offer bolt-ons.

Easier to keep track

“Most of our partners travel regularly, but it can be really easy to forget about adding bundles or keeping a track of charges,” he said.

“More than £200,000 has been invested and our new system can help prevent bill shock. We’ve worked out we can potentially help our partners save a combined £1 million a year just using the portal alone.”

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