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BT launches Street Hub 2.0 units to boost mobile coverage

Saf Malik
June 3, 2021

New units will roll out across cities later this year

BT has today announced its enhanced ‘Street Hub 2.0’ unit that aims to boost 4G and 5G mobile coverage.

The units introduce upgraded features such as sustainable design and environment monitoring for local authorities.

The Street Hub 2.0 units will be installed alongside existing units to new sites across the UK.

More than 400 units from the previous model have already been delivering a wide range of economic, social and technological benefits to communities and local councils across the country according to the network.

BT head of street James Browne said: Street Hubs form part of BT’s plan to transform the UK’s streets with a digital communications service designed for the 21st Century.

“I’m really excited that we’re now evolving the service even further with a newly designed Street Hub 2.0 unit which is more sustainable while delivering free public Wi-fi services and improved 4G/5G mobile coverage to local communities.

“The free digital services provided by our Street Hub units can play an important role in helping to revive the UK’s high streets following the pandemic.

“We are working closely with local councils and communities to introduce the new units to more parts of the country, enhancing the UK’s future digital infrastructure, and bringing benefits to residents, businesses and tourists alike.”


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