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BT denies reports of tension behind du Plessis’ departure

Paul Lipscombe
March 8, 2021

BT says there has been no misalignment between the board and executive management over company strategy

BT has denied reports of a rift between its CEO and the outgoing chairman Jan du Plessis.

The telco has dismissed the article which was reported by Sky News, that CEO Philip Jansen     had threatened to leave if du Plessis didn’t depart.

It follows the announcement last week that du Plessis was leaving his role as chairman after four years.

In a statement, BT said: “The Chairman throughout his tenure has demonstrated strong leadership of the Company, been extremely supportive of management and any suggestion that he has impeded the transformation of BT is without foundation.

“There has been no misalignment between the Board and executive management over the Company’s strategy.”

Jansen was reportedly “frustrated with the speed at which BT was taking key strategic decisions”.

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