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Baxendale takes time out after two-year Likewize stint

Paul Lipscombe
February 1, 2022

Baxendale confirms he’s taking a short sabbatical before making next move

Former AO Mobile managing director Richard Baxendale has left Likewize after a two-year stint at the company.

Baxendale, who confirmed his departure on LinkedIn at the start of the year, confirmed that he is taking a short sabbatical to spend some time with his family.

He departs Likewize, formerly Brightstar, after rejoining the company in 2020 as chief commercial officer for Europe, having previously worked for Brightstar between 2001 to 2007.

Prior to his return to Likewize, Baxendale was CEO at Mobile Phones Direct and has also spent eight years in various senior roles at Tech Data.

Speaking to Mobile News, Baxendale says he intends to stay within the mobile industry and is open- minded whether that’s in B2B or the consumer segment.

“My plan is very much to stay in the industry. I’ve been in the mobile phone and tech industry for 25 years, but I still think it’s an exciting place to be. It’s months, not years, I’m planning to take out.

“I planned to take time out many years back when I completed my MBA, but it never happened because of previous opportunities being too good to turn down. It felt like the right time to take a break and spend some time with the family before deciding what I want to do next. I left Likewize on very amicable terms.”

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