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Battery shock in Vodafone survey on customer device issues

Staff Reporter
August 7, 2023

Battery issues topped the poll of the most common device problems people would like fixed (33 per cent) closely followed by slow running (28 per cent) and microphone, speaker and camera issues (21 per cent).

So says a survey of 2,000 UK adults carried out by OnePoll in July for Vodafone to mark the launch of the network’s Lifetime Service Promise service which offers EVO customers on an airtime contract lifetime repair cover and free battery replacement for up to three years

The survey found are keeping their devices for longer, with the majority upgrading every four years, compared to every two years five years ago.

According to the study. 45 per cent of people surveyed said they wanted to keep their device longer. Nearly a fifth didn’t feel ready to change. The biggest reason to hang on to devices was to save money (86 per cent) while environmental impact accounted for 46 per cent. Around 40 per cent wanted to keep the sentimental content on their current device.



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