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Battery life causes British smartphone users more stress than anything else

Paul Lipscombe
April 3, 2018

Huawei survey reveals battery life on smartphones cause more stress than arguments with a partner

A study carried out by Huawei found that British people are more stressed about the battery life on their smartphone than when arguing with a partner. Seven out of ten people asked said that this is the most stressful situation.

The report, which surveyed over 2,000 British smartphone owners between March 13 to March 19, also revealed 63 per cent of people are in a love-hate relationship with their phone. A further 18 per cent of Brits want to switch devices but feel attached to the brand they are currently using.

Short battery life (47 per cent), limited storage (26 per cent), poor signal (25 per cent) and freezing phone screens (18 per cent) were the most commonly given responses to what annoyed phone users the most.

The report further reveals British people find it more stressful when they forget their phone at home than when they leave keys or a wallet behind. 

Psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos said: “The research from Huawei has highlighted that smartphones have become an intrinsic part of our lives and people now see them very critical to human interaction.”

When phone failures occur, such as a dead battery or lack of storage availability, individuals feel a sense of isolation or as though they’re not able to perform to their full capability. Humans feel a connection to their smartphones in the same way they have a connection to a best friend or family member.”

Huawei had earlier this year found that photography is hugely important to smartphone users as 77 per cent of people in the UK want great photos with less attempts. Meanwhile 84 per cent desire a phone that allows them the opportunity to zoom in without losing definition.

Huawei head of marketing for the UK and Ireland Justin Costello said: “It’s important that our smartphones are benefitting us in our day to day lives rather than hindering us. Our research tells us that one in five British smartphone owners slam or throw their phone in frustration during a technical fail and that’s something we want to help change.”

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