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Barclay Comms and BT Wholesale offer Northern Ireland businesses free full fibre upgrade.

Staff Reporter
March 18, 2024

Mobile News Awards winners Barclay Communications (Best B2B Dealer) and BT Wholesale (Best Wholesale Partner) have started a £6 million programme to upgrade 50,000 Northern Ireland businesses to high speed broadband this year.

Businesses here who have access to full fibre to their premises can upogradetheir broadband at no extra cost to their monthly payments.

The ‘Free Ultra-Fast Fibre’ program will assist businesses seeking larger bandwidth options. Participants get free installation, FTTP delivery, a new line/ONT box, and a service upgrade, without any additional charges to monthly fees.

John Roulston, Barclay Communications’ Sales Director, said, “We handle the entire installation process. Our goal is to simplify the process for our customers, as complexity often deters them. We’re committed to making the transition as smooth and straightforward as possible.”

Around 91 per cent of businesses in Northern Ireland have access to FTTP but only 20 per cent are aware they can get the faster service. Businesses here have the best opportunity to access the fastest speed. It still shocks me how many organisations struggle with poor internet speed”.

Barclay Communications founder Britt Megahey , said the program represents a significant step towards transforming the digital landscape of Northern Ireland.

We aim to bridge the digital divide and drive economic growth in the region. This initiative will be a game-changer for Northern Irish businesses.The goal is to make FTTP available to 50,000 eligible businesses by the end of the year ,

BT Wholesale,Senior Sales Manager, Katrina O’Mahony, said: “We have provided the initial upgrade to FTTP, The collaboration means we can make a huge difference for Northern Ireland businesses of all sizes.”

 Businesses can check their eligibility for the FTTP upgrade on the Barclay web site. They must be trading within Northern Ireland to qualify for the free upgrade.

Britt Megahe Katrina O’Mahony, Senior Sales Manager, BT Wholesale.: collaboration


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