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Atom Studios launches sustainable range for Samsung phones

Megan Robinson
February 18, 2022

Users won’t need to remove their phone from the case to charge it as the case is fully QI wireless

Atom Studios has released a new case for Samsung phones following the success of its debut Apple accessories range.

The new Samsung case called ‘Touch’ is available for the S22 and S22+ Galaxy models and instead of using plastic, it is made from silicone which uses a substance found in sand.

The case is designed to feel soft in hand but with enough grip so that it is less likely to slip from hand, as well as a microfibre interior lining to protect the phone from scratches.

Atom Studios creative director Akbar Ali said: “The natural progression of the Atom Studios brand is to expand our range of smartphone accessories so that we cater to all customer’s needs.

“We started with Apple and now Samsung and we’re constantly adding new innovations to our range.

“Multiple markets have shown strong interest in our products demonstrating that there is a rising consumer need for tech accessories that look great and perform brilliantly – all whilst being sustainable.” 

Touch is available now from Atom Studios, Amazon and Three with an RRP of £34.99.

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