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ArmaFone launches first repair TechPod with Sainsbury’s

Megan Robinson
July 29, 2022

The TechPod is easily deployed and will be a stand-alone unit next to the main store, with ArmaFone’s team of trained technicians and customer service staff

Mobile phone specialists ArmaFone has launched its first TechPod with the Sainsbury’s Stanway store in Colchester, Essex.

The TechPod will provide accessible tech repair services at a supermarket location and the company has started its plan to rollout professional tech repair services in partnership with supermarkets in the UK.

ArmaFone’s TechPod is its latest innovation following an existing supermarket retail presence at an Asda store in Ipswich, a fleet of mobile workshops and a recently launched technical training facility.

ArmaFone MD Chris Everitt said: “By offering Sainsbury’s customers an easily accessible source for expert tech help and advice, repairs, accessories and refurbished devices- our aim is to add value to regular, planned supermarket visits and to enhance host stores appeal as a destination.

“The very nature of what we do allows us to extend the lifespan of consumer electronics, contribute the to the circular economy by way of extending the lifespan of people phones, device refurbishment and ultimately reduce the volume of e-waste entering landfill.”

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