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Apple complies with EU law regarding USB-C charging

Cynera Rodricks
October 26, 2022

Apple will ditch its Lightning charger and all iPhones produced in 2023 could be equipped with USB-C charging globally and not just in the European Union

After much debate and discussion Apple has finally agreed to comply with the EU law that mandates electronic devices to have a common charging standard- known as USB-C, confirmed Apple’s market chief.

This week, ministers from EU member states gave their final approval to the common charger law which means that by 2024, electronic devices including mobile phones and tablets will need to support USB-C charging.

After this verdict, analysts told CNBC that iPhones produced in 2023 could be equipped with the USB-C charging.

They further acclaimed that Apple is planning to introduce this charging globally and not just in the European Union.

The law was passed with the aim to reduce e-waste as the EU believes this standardised charger would reduce production and disposal of new chargers.

However, when asked about the new rulings at a Wall Street Journal technology conference in California, Mr Joswiak, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing suggested that Apple is not entirely pleased with this decision and that the company has no choice” but to follow the law.

He argued that it would increase e-waste anyway, as millions of existing iPhone users who have Lightning cables would be left with no use for the cable after the switch.

He told the conference he thinks, “he approach would’ve been better environmentally and better for our customers to not have a government be that prescriptive.”

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