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Anti-5G pressure group wins day in Court on December 13

Staff Reporter
November 24, 2022

Action Against 5G barrister Michael Mansfield KC to present 32 months of legal preparation 

Protestors against the rollout of 5G have won a full-day hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice in London on December 13 to be argued by Human Rights lawyer Michael Mansfield KC.

The Action Against 5G group claims 5G adversely affects public health.

“The work on the Court bundles has been enormous. The commitment of our team has been outstanding and the preparation of documentation quite astonishing” says Action Against 5G. The group has been 0reparng its case for nearly three years.

“We bring this case because we lack confidence in Public Health England. PHE has dismissed warnings from government and independent scientists including many Scientific Committees for Health and the evidence of thousands of peer-reviewed scientific papers. Instead, it accepts outdated opinions from unreliable and unaccountable agencies

Michael Mansfield KC will argue anti-5G case

“5G will result in unprecedented exposure to a particular type of phased radiation at frequencies that have never been used in consumer applications. Experts warn that the effects of the combined exposure with existing radiation from GSM, 3G, WiFi, 4G will cause serious damage to health. There is already a substantial body of evidence demonstrating that existing radio frequency exposures are harmful to health”, says the Group.

The GSM Association, which represents mobile networks worldwide, says there is no evidence 5G is a threat to health.

“Research tells us that there are no established health effects and 5G trials demonstrate that the overall levels of radio signals in the community remain low and well below international safety guidelines. It is, therefore, concerning that the public could be misled by unverified claims of 5G causing the death of birds (false), damage to trees (false), harm to firefighters (false) or interference with weather forecasting (false)” said Dr Jack Rowley Senior Director of Research and Sustainability


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