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Alcatel and Barclaycard team up for contactless payments on POP 4

Paul Withers
June 20, 2016

Free sticker attaches to first 20,000 of the smartphone at Carphone Warehouse and links to a digital wallet in the phone 

Alcatel has teamed up with Barclaycard that will see the first 20,000 units of the POP 4 smartphone boxed with contactless payment compatibility.

The POP 4, which will be available from Carphone Warehouse during the first week of July, will come with a bPay sticker that will enable users to make contactless payments using the device at over 400,000 locations nationwide.

The sticker, which normally costs £14.99, is attached to the back of the phone and links to a digital wallet where users can upload between £5 and £200 at a time from any UK registered Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card.

By touching the POP 4 on a contactless reader, they will be able to make secure payments of £30 or under.

A dedicated app, downloadable from Google Play, enables users to view real-time balance updates and provide them with instant access to their transaction history. Also included is an automated top-up system that adds funds to their account when the balance falls below a pre-set level.

The POP 4, which was unveiled at Mobile World congress in February, will cost £79.99 on prepay and be free on contracts costing £9.50 and above.

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