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5G can play crucial role in health and social care

Saf Malik
November 11, 2020

Vodafone report reveals key 5G findings

Vodafone has today released a report which looks into the crucial role 5G and IoT technology can play in transforming health and social care. 

Vodafone’s “Better Health, Connected Health – How 5G and IoT Technology Can Transform Health and Social Care” report surveyed 2000 people and found a high level of public comfort with new technology. 

The report also found a high level of public comfort with implementing many of the new possibilities that digital technology opens up for the NHS and social care systems. 

Some of the key findings from the report include: 

  • Four out of five say they would like to see 5G-connected ambulances
  • Three out of five support the use of 5G remote assisted surgery and drone technology
  • 60 per cent believe that video consultations are more convenient than visiting a GP surgery or hospital in person
  • 57 per cent would be comfortable having medical appointments via video even once the coronavirus pandemic is over
  • Over 70 per cent believe that it is important for new hospitals to be 5G connected

The report also provides some insight into policy recommendations the Government could commit to which would make the NHS more technologically advanced. 

These long and short term recommendations will be vital in ensuring that change is actually made such as investing £1.5bn to bring 5G to every hospital in England and encourage the creation of 5G healthcare applications through regional innovation centres, as well as increasing the number of drone trials in the UK with a fund of £30m.

The full Vodafone report can be found here.

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